About Us


About Us

Grove Bark Inn is Auburn’s new luxury boarding, grooming, and day camp facility. Whether you are going away for a day or for an extended time, we understand how stressful it can be leaving your pet. Let us give you peace of mind by providing the best experience for your pet, with all the love and attention that you give them. Our facility was built with your dog’s safety and comfort in mind.

We offer over 4,600 square feet of indoor climate-controlled dog care. Our facility is equipped with a PetAirapy purification system which helps eliminate illness causing viruses and bacteria. Our overnight accommodations vary from cage-free suites with luxury amenities to smaller more traditional boarding options. We understand that every dog is unique and has their own personality and needs, and our staff can help you determine what the best fit is for your dog.

Send your pup to camp with us! Let them romp with new friends in our indoor/outdoor mud-free K9 Grass play areas equipped with play sets, ramps, agility sets, and plenty of toys and activity to keep them entertained. If you want to check on your pup, just log on to our webcams and watch all the fun!

Whether your dog stays overnight, just for the day, or not at all, we offer grooming services that have the luxury of a spa but are specifically designed for our furry friends. From relaxing baths to professional coat styling, we have it all. We offer breed standard haircuts. You can choose from a menu of spa services or ask us if there is something special that your pup needs.

Our Hours of Operation

Our location in Moore’s Mill and hours are convenient for dog lovers all over Auburn and Opelika, Alabama.

Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Saturday  8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Sunday  2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

       **Sundays of Home Auburn Football games open 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.


What is a typical day for my dog staying at Grove Bark Inn?

Upon arrival your dog will be escorted to their room to allow them to sniff around and get use to their accommodations if the room is available, this usually takes about 5 minutes. Afterwards they will be escorted out for a potty break and either returned to their room for rest or will head into day camp for playtime with other furry friends. The length of day camp is determined in advance by you with half or full day play sessions. Your pup will be supervised with others and given lots of love while climbing, running, fetching, romping along with all their fellow day campers. Dogs will have a break back in their room every 2 hours so they can nap, rest or just have ‘me’ time. They are fed three meals a day and water is available and refreshed all throughout the day. After dinner is served, your pup will be taken out for bedtime potty break and then tucked into their cozy bed for the night. Dogs are let out the following morning at 6:00 am for early morning potty break and then the day repeats.

Why is my dog thirsty after day camp?

We have cool water available to our guests 24/7. Large water bowls are available in the indoor and outdoor day camp areas. It is normal for a dog to want to drink more water after a day of play. We suggest to owners that they let their dog drink small amounts at a time when they return home to prevent vomiting.

Why did I receive food back from my pets stay?

It is not uncommon for a dog to not want to eat in an unfamiliar setting. If the dog does not eat we will try to encourage them or just try again the next meal. Dogs will usually start to eat after their second day of boarding but this is not always the case. We will send home any food that is uneaten by your dog.

Can my dog bring toys when they stay overnight?

Yes, we recognize that familiar toys can help your dog feel at home while staying and we love to play and interact with your pet and their favorite toy. Limit 2 toys per dog.

Can my dog get hurt in day camp?

Just like children on a playground can be hurt from time to time, dogs playing together on a playground can get hurt too. Dogs play with their mouths and paws and like to run and wrestle around with each other. Our staff keeps a close eye while play is going on. If injuries occur, as in our service agreement you, not Grove Bark Inn, are responsible for any medical expenses for your dog.

What is the 'Paw'sonality Interview?

When your dog stays at Grove Bark Inn we would love for them to be included in our day camp. If you wish for them to have playtime with other dogs we will have our trained staff conduct a behavior/temperament test to see if your dog’s temperament is good for mixing with other dogs. Not every dog enjoys social interactions with other dogs, this does not mean your dog is bad. If your dog doesn’t pass the interview or we see that their temperament isn’t a fit for camp we will suggest solo playtime. Solo playtime will allow your dog to have exercise and fun without the stress of other dogs.


All dogs entering or exiting our facility must be on a leash.

We encourage owner to provide their dog’s own food because sometimes changing their regular food can cause tummy aches. Please bag their food in sealed sandwich bags for each meal labeled with their pet name. Please do not bring in a large bag of dog food. For an additional charge we can provide food for $1.00 per meal. Please let us know how often you want your dog fed, otherwise they will be fed three times daily.

Pickup time for boarding is by 12 pm. Drop-off for boarding is after 2 pm. Rooms for checking in guests will be available between 2pm~4pm. Due to needing time to checkout previous guest and to clean the room properly, checking in or out guests may have to stay in a different room, a den, daycamp, etc until their room is available, if before 4pm. If you would like an earlier drop-off or pickup we are happy to accommodate your request for an additional $10 fee. We allow for earlier drop off and later pick up, so you can go ahead and head out of town sooner or stay later and you don’t have to pay for the additional night before.

Day camp hours are from 8 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday.

A valid credit card must be on file during check in.

Dogs must pass a ‘Paw’sonality Interview prior to admittance into day camp.

We are happy to administer oral or topical medications for your dog. Please label them with instructions and in its original packaging. Include dog’s name, dosage, schedule and method.

During major holidays our lobby will be closed. As always, our staff will still be taking great care of your pup if they are boarding.

Holidays we are closed are:

  • Easter
  • Memorial Day
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • New Years Day

There will be an additional $10 fee for guests staying during our listed holidays.