Magnolia Villas  $55 per night

Guests will enjoy a cage free 35 to 40 square foot tiled room with access to their own outdoor run, tempered glass door, soothing piped in music or tv, 32in flat screen tv, 24/7 webcam access, a window allowing natural light, premium Kuranda, refreshing water, 1 hour of daycamp included with stay, turn down service with a tummy rub. *Villa daycamp is included in a villa but it must be requested/added to the reservation and all dogs going to daycamp must pass a personality test for socialization before being allowed into daycamp for the safety of all guests and staff. There is no discount if your dog does not pass the personality test.

Bark Bungalows  $35 per night

Guests will enjoy a cage free 25 square foot tiled room, tempered glass door, premium Kuranda, minimum three potty breaks, 24/7 webcam access, soothing piped in music, refreshing water, turn down service with a tummy rub. The Bark Bungalows also have the option of joining two bungalows together for multi dog families who need extra room. Pricing is $65 per night.

Dogwood Dens $25 per night

Guests will enjoy a more traditional boarding option with a cozy and comfortable caged den, soothing piped in music, minimum four potty breaks, and refreshing water.

Additional family pet can be added to bungalow and den accommodation for $15 per night and villas for $20 per night.

We encourage owners to provide their dog’s own food, please bag the food in sealed sandwich bags for each meal and label with dog’s name. For an additional charge we can provide food for your pet for $1.00 per meal. Please let us know how often you want your dog fed, otherwise they will be fed three times daily.

“Al A Carte” services can be added to enhance any accommodation:

Half Day Play, Day Camp $13
All Day Play, Day Camp $19
Busy Bone Kong with Peanut Butter $ 2
Gourmet Bedtime Biscuit $ 1
Additional Potty Breaks (each) $ 2
Solo Play (15 minute increments) $10
Bedtime Story or Cuddles (10 minute) $ 5

If we administer medicine, while boarding or during daycamp, a fee of $1 will be applied to your charges per administered medication.

Boarding Pick up is between 9am-12pm Mon-Sat and 2pm-6pm Sun. Boarding Drop off is between 2-4 pm Mon-Sat and 2pm-6pm Sun. If dropping off before 10am, then a $10 early drop off fee will be applied. If picking up after 2pm Mon-Sat, then a $10 late pick up fee will be applied. Rooms for checking in guests will be available between 2pm-5pm and sometimes earlier. Checking in guests and day of check out guests may have to stay in a different room, a den, daycamp, etc due to needing time for the previous or next guest to checkout and to allow the room to be cleaned properly. This timeframe for this is between 830am–5pm. We allow for earlier drop off and late check out, so you can go ahead and head out of town sooner and you don’t have to pay for the additional night before or after. Rooms are charged by the night, not the day. If you do not want your dog moved the dog must be picked up by 8:30am on the day of pick up.

Boarding dogs receive a minimum of 4 potty breaks a day if staying all day.

If a dog is boarding in a villa, the villa doors do not stay open all day. Doors are rotated being opened throughout the day to allow for extra outside time in their yard. In cases of extreme heat or cold weather, the doors may not be opened as much that day. If the dog is a barker outside, the villa door will have to be closed due to the neighborhood behind us.

Daycamp can be added to a boarding reservation, if space is available or if it is added in advance for an additional fee. Villa daycamp is included in a villa but it must be added to the reservation and all dogs going to daycamp must pass a personality test for socialization.

Camera access is available for boarding in a villa or bungalow and in daycamp. We try to give owners 24/7 camera access but due to software updates, technology changes and phone compatibility, cameras may go out. We try to reboot and fix the issue asap but sometimes we have to get technical support on site to fix the issue. Camera access is an additional added service we include at no charge. If the cameras are down, the pricing does not change.

We have a 48 hours cancellation policy for all Boarding, Grooming and Daycamp appointments excluding peak times. If excessive cancellations are on your account, you may be limited to make only “day of” appointments.

Boarding Cancellation Policy is 7 days prior on holiday and peak periods. A 2 night minimum stay and 2 nights deposit is required during peak periods. NON-refundable deposit if cancelled after 7 days prior.